The Best Camera? It Just Might Be the One You Have

The Best Camera? It Just Might Be the One You Have

Sure, we recently acquired a Ricoh Theta 360 degree camera (cue self-congratulatory pat on the back)  BUT that does not mean that the best camera is necessarily the most expensive or the flashiest or even newest camera. Sometimes, the best shot can come from unexpected places, be it from your GoPro, your Canon, or your trusty iPhone. Simply stated – shoot with whatever you have.


Of course, utilizing our talented team at GCFL to shoot video for you is a viable and incredibly successful option (no bias here of course) but you don’t necessarily need the professionals to convey your story or to strengthen your brand presence. Our marketing tip for the day hinges on consistency. The key to successful branding is consistency. You can’t effectively craft and tell your businesses story without consistently keeping your audience abreast of the storyline, which means frequent communication with your audience through your various marketing channels. One of those marketing channels is video, but you don’t need a full production team to #makeithappen; rather, you simply need to consistently shoot and share. That can mean a short video on your phone for Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook, or a longer, more well-planned video for your website, YouTube channel, or social media. The key is to stay in contact with your audience – let them be a part of your story.


So what have we learned today folks? Don’t let technology frighten you. If you have a smartphone than you have the capability of shooting video to share with your clients and customers. The best camera might just be the one that you already have so get out and use it. Besides, Bryan thinks you should…

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