How to Post in 2017

How to Post in 2017

In 2016 we said #makeithappen For us personally and at GCFL we had a great year working with our all our clients.  But in the current hostile environment of concerns over fake news stories and politically polarizing memes I want to offer some pointers on How to post on facebook 2017.

Here is what will be important in 2017

  1. Quality content (It will cost more)
  2. Proper distribution (It will cost more)
  3. Trying to show ROI (It will be as difficult as it’s always been)


Create your own content – if you like memes make your own. it’s really not that hard with the hundreds of apps and that are out there to take a picture and but some words over it. And Facebook even lets you put words over a colored background.  So, Get creative, post a funny thought, a serious note, or a random observation put it on a picture that you took and share that.  It may get lost in the sea of faceless memes that are out there but at least you have the person satisfaction of creating it yourself.  

Quality is important but not everything –  Facebook has been pushing the shit out of Live video and for me as a video professional I’ve had a hard time jumping onto the bandwagon because I want to be able to have an intro or transitions or titling,  basically just a little production value.  But it turns out that the engagement rate for using some of the tools in my bag does just as well without using them so just do it, at least its original content.

Be vocal yet respectful – Write stuff that gets you fired up or passionate.  I get it, it’s a very contentious place out there and I for one have a fear of getting blasted for sharing stuff I’m passionate about.  Unfortunately that the opposite of what the world needs right now.  Be positive and open to others in opposition,  Know the rules of engagement on social media which is widely accepted there are no rules. So write from your heart while using your brain, be a decent human being, in other words, don’t be a dick.

Post first scroll second  –  Let’s take a page out of what I think is the best thing about Snapchat.  Have you ever noticed that when you open Snapchat the home screen is the camera?  It’s like they are telling you to add to your story first then you can go check out what your friends are doing.  It subconsciously places the value on what you want to express over what others are expressing.  This default is original content that normalizes normal and filters that focus on silliness that’s a philosophy that I support being carried over to Facebook

Link build for your personal brand.   It’s true in marketing and it’s true in the old adage from before there was email.   I remember my mom saying if you want to get a letter you gotta write two.  Part of getting attention likes and engagement is giving and you get what you give.  So if you have a meme you’ve created that represents something you feel strongly about and in the description you have a well thought out statement that shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.  You should also reach out to those that have done the same.  And do more than give a passive like but make a thoughtful comment.   

Overall Keep in mind that facebook is a walled garden and as frustrating as it can be to business trying to leverage its free and widespread use that is no longer the case.  It is a pay to play space for business.  So setting that aside let’s think about how we can make our walled garden a little more pretty and develop your personal brand.

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