Marketing for Today with Content Creation

It’s easy to romanticize advertising, particularly after the tall, dark and handsome Mr. Don Draper made what is oftentimes not sexy, quite sexy. The age of Mad Men was glorious in it’s own right – hashing out big marketing campaigns with the promise of substantial staying-power while burning through a pack of cigs and a fifth of whiskey. While much of that scenario still lingers in today’s marketing world, the truth is the rise of digital marketing has created a sense of urgency that businesses and advertisers didn’t have to grapple with in years past.

Today, audiences are ravenous creatures, consuming information at a pace that’s nearly impossible to keep up with. Great, you posted an incredible blog post last week with a record number of sessions and your latest video got the most shares, engagements, and conversions to date. So what? That was last week. Your audience has moved on, and if you don’t have more genius in the pipeline, your competitors will outpace you while you’re still patting yourself on the back for being in the digital marketing game. It’s not enough to market ad hoc anymore, or to come up with an idea and rest on your laurels while it plays out in print media or even on television. Digital media is here to stay, and with it comes a faster paced, and arguably more demanding, approach to staying in touch with your target audience.

Don’t Panic

It’s OK if the idea of creating fresh, relevant content at a weekly, if not daily, pace is overwhelming. Hell, it’s even OK if the thought of even one piece of killer content seems unattainable. For starters, content creation isn’t easy, which is why we are able to make a living off of it (insert shameless self promotion); but, it’s also worth noting that creating your own content isn’t as unattainable as you think. You know your brand and you know your business. Chances are, you eat, sleep, and breath your business, so start with what you know. What’s unique about you business? What are some FAQs? What specials, deals, or promotions are you currently running? You’ll soon find that your content was there all along.

Plan Like a Boss

Now that you’ve got some ideas under your belt, it’s time to outline a plan…and stick to it. Start with what’s manageable. Don’t be that person that tries to leap from never working out a day in your life to marathon mode. It’s not feasible. Start with what you know you have time for – be it tackling social media, setting up a blog, refreshing your website, or launching new email marketing campaigns. If you’re short on time, ask yourself what digital marketing initiatives will have the most impact on your business. Which mediums align with your target demographic? What is the easiest item for you to tackle first? Segment your marketing goals into manageable chunks and work your way through them thoroughly and consistently. A big marketing splash is worthless without the vision and perseverance to keep it going.

Outsource Where You Can

Alright, so you’ve read this far and you’re still thinking “when the f&*@ am I going to have time for digital marketing,” or “I have no f$%*-ing clue what you’re talking about.” Don’t fret, because we just so happen to know some local marketing nerds. Take a look at your budget and prioritize your advertising and marketing spend. Is print advertising still working for you? Has local TV stopped giving you a strong return on investment? Is it time to step out of the dark ages and into the very lucrative world of digital marketing? And if you’re a new business, with no marketing budget at all, ask yourself how much you’re willing to set aside in order to generate new business and strong revenue streams. Be realistic. Outsource where you can.


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