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We are storytellers.


To tell your story we leverage our knowledge and experience in digital marketing and creating content.  We use tested social media strategies, and produce high-quality images and videos for all digital platforms.   We market your businesses with a consistent and successful branding messages.  By helping your business tell its story, we are able to showcase your unique perspectives, personal profiles, and impassioned involvement in the local community. Our approach is personal, detailed, and unique.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter branding or stale marketing; rather, we strive to discover the authentic personality of your business and let it shine through in content marketing.  

Every business has a story to tell, let us help you tell your story.  

Digital Marketing

Content is the soul of our storytelling.  Digital marketing is a broad term that involves many components and content (ie text, pictures, and video)  is the most important aspect.   Creating content has been our passion for the last 8 years, even before it was considered the most important aspect of marketing.  We utilize our content to collaborate across all digital and traditional mediums.

Content Creation and Consulting

We will help to define your business objective for use of digital media.  Implement content to create awareness, and to create fans or advocates and engage with existing customers.  We will advise on where and how to utilize your content, match the tone with the message, target your desired audience.  We will keep you up to date on the latest industry trends and use best practices / and share our knowledge base to meet your objective.  We take pride in helping you conceive original content using the basic elements of your business.

Starting at $750  per month


Photos of different aspects of the business including product shots, location shots and staff/people photos. Included if you are a Marketing client.

Starting at $250



A website is the book cover and inside flap for your story.  One is necessary for every business to be the informative introduction to your business. However, it does not need to be a labor and time intensive, custom coded puzzle.  For most businesses, you can tell your story through your website with a streamlined platform and use themes and plugins that let you have the control to showcase your content and easily make changes.



We will build a website with a focus on content using a theme on a WordPress platform and prebuilt plugins and hosting through WPEngine. Site design will be image heavy, simple clean sites that are easy to navigate. The site will be responsive and will display properly on all mobile devices and tablets.

Starting at $1500


Hosting & Maintenance

We will make updates to content and plugins to optimize for search engines (SEO) and consult on other changes to keep up with current best practices and trends. Provide content consulting and/or best practices for online presence. Includes reporting and backend maintenance. Invoiced monthly once your site goes live.

Starting at   $75 per month


Media Production

Video is the best visual expression of storytelling.  With shortening attention spans it is the best way to get what you want to get across  We take pride in gathering footage that is candid and authentic.  Utilizing natural light and unscripted interviews whenever possible we feel it help bring a more human element to your video no matter the size of the production.   Our style on location is run and gun with small lightweight mirrorless cameras to be able to set up and move quickly and easily to capture moments as they happen.  


Our editing style compliments our shooting style in that we take what has been captured quick and nonscripted and meticulously go through to pull out the very best to tell your story.   We can edit it down to create content pieces for a variety of platforms, including  Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. This original video content will be added to the website, can be used in email marketing as well.

Business Profile

3 to 5 min produced video for broadcast or your web platforms.   Includes on location footage, multi-cam interviews with pro audio, tile, tracking royalty free music

Starting at   $2,500


Explainer Video and Event Coverage

2 to 3 min produced video for your web platforms.  2 to 3 hours of filming.  Candid shooting, transitions title, and tracking.

Starting at $1000


Update video

30 to 90 sec produced video for your web platforms. 1 hour filming   One on-camera interview, transitions title, and tracking.

Starting at $750


Specialty Services hourly rate

Voice over $75

Green Screen Filming $350

Motion Graphics $350

Audio Engineering $275

Content Strategy $200

Live Stream $400



Packages available

*Pricing as of Dec 2017 – Valid for 60 Days